Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week 3 - The TUI Voucher has Arrived!!

Late last week I commented on the mildness of the weather and even said it felt like spring was nearly upon us. WELL I may have
been a bit premature!
Although we are too far north for snow it has been bitterly cold and we have had 2 frosts which laid claim to some of our precious tomato
seedlings. I am sure many gardens down south have suffered worse fates!

On Monday we received a fantastic package from Tui! The children were all very excited to look through the gardening book and they are keen to use it for new ideas for our gardens.

Today (Wednesday) 5 pupils from Room 4 went on a road trip to Kawakawa to visit Malcolm and his team at Kawakawa Mitre 10. We were warmly welcomed and Malcolm Francis (the proprietor) took the boys 'shopping' for the items on the voucher. It was the best shopping trip ever! Free Stuff! We got seedling trays, Tui Seed Raising mix, Trowels, a 30 metre hose, a sprinkler and hose fittings and more!

The boys were very grateful to Tui and Mitre 10 and they promised Malcolm that they would definitely look after the new equipment (and they will by crikey!)

With the weather being so cold and bleak the gardeners have not been out in the garden this week. But they have been planning where to plant this years crop of peas and beans. The propagator is being put to good use in the classroom.

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