Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Opua School

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Opua School. - Roger Young, Principal

“Opua School will provide a caring and sharing environment that will educate and equip the child for life.”

When children are enrolled we like to enrol the whole family.

We believe that education is something shared by the family and school.

Vision: Working together to be lifelong learners with strength in Thinking & Learning, Values, Attitude,Communication and Leadership

This is how the mission can be achieved.

We feel that Parents, Students and Teachers working together is a big key to success.

To elaborate on the other aspects: Numeracy & Literacy are priorities in Thinking and Learning.

We focus on core Values like respect and courtesy, and on positive Attitudes such as perseverance. Communication encompasses the ability to present capably in written, oral and visual forms. We explore the array of qualities and actions that lead to excellent Leadership throughout the year.

Motto: ‘Manaakitanga me te Awhina’ (Caring and Sharing)

Opua School is a wonderful learning community with supportive parents, hard working teachers, and great children.